Bodhi (zenbodhi) wrote,

In the spirit of this moment.

I am going to reserve my optimism for the moment and just say a few words that I've said to others, but haven't managed to communicate with most of the people I know.  With regard to yesterday's decision for the next phase of this country's leadership; if you feel that the wrong choice was made, I encourage you to put a hold on your judgment for the next four years.  At the end of that time, please feel free to vote your conscience as so many have done in the 2008 election season.  That having been said, I am relieved and heartened at the turnout in this year's election process.  There has been so much apathy toward our own leadership in past years that it's no wonder our government was asleep at the wheel when it came to this country's financial stability.  Our leadership has been so timid that we've convinced ourselves that there are villains everywhere that we must do everything we possibly can to defeat, including destroying ourselves and our own people to do so.  We must make every sacrifice (with the added "without regard for what that may do to our own people" politely left unspoken).  I think that our leaders need to remember that they are only where they are because of the common person who allows them to be there.  If they get the message that people need things to get better and are no longer willing to live with limping along, then the American People will have truly been heard.  It can no longer be "business" or "politics as usual".  None of us can afford to quietly stagnate.

That's what I felt like I had to convey, so I'll step off the soapbox now.  I bid you all peace and patience.

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