Bodhi (zenbodhi) wrote,

Zen and the art of cookies. I'll let you figure out how it fits.

At Waterfall Temple

These peaks gather like snowy swords,
the waterfall a curtain of ice on the cliff.
Gibbons in the tree tops toy with clouds.
among blood-red azaleas.
The cuckoo sings till it bleeds;
from deep in caves, wind gods scream.
Compared to the hearts of people,
these mountain wilds are tame.

- Chang K’o chiu (1265-1345)

Vivid imagery.  Do we think in such terms, such patterns?  Do our brains process the world around us in details of color and texture in a conscious sense?  When we think of favorites, we do, but what about all the other times in our lives?  Why would that be important, anyway?  What would be so important about experiencing all the colors, flavors, textures and sensations that life has to offer?

Now how does that all compare to your own life?
Tags: zen
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