Bodhi (zenbodhi) wrote,

Again with the Zen

The mountain air sparkles as the sun sets,
Birds in flocks return together.
In these things there is a fundamental truth,
But when I start to explain it, I lose the words.

- Ryokan (1758-1831)
It's strange that this is the zen for this entry, because if I try to explain it, I'll lose the words as well.  Did you ever have that feeling?  When there's something you just want to get out, but you don't have the words?  I get that every now and again.  I'm good with words.  I'm good at explaining what's going on in my head.  Not everyone else is all that good at understanding what it is that I say.  I have a tendency to be very literal and try to over-explain things just to be clear, and as with anything, people look for what it is that you're not saying.  Except...  I said what I wanted to say.  So there's the miscommunication that occurs when people try to read things into what you're trying to express that you're not actually saying.

But that's all beside the point.  Sometimes you don't need words to express a moment.  I have a habit of doing physical things to express my thoughts.  I clean things when I'm upset - my father pointed that out to me years ago and it's been a very true observation my entire life.  When I want to express affection, I squeeze things twice in rapid succession; I've done that with all of my girlfriends and they ask me why.  It's just something I do.  Squeeze their hand twice, it's as simple as that.  My gestures and facial expressions carry a thousand words for those who look and listen.

That's also beside the point.  Sometimes you just need to experience things for yourself.  In that experience, you will find wisdom and enlightenment.
Tags: zen
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